Again - new twins: AmaSiena and AmaLucia

Planned for the start of the season 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic did not only hit almost the entire world, but also the river cruise business - and the connected construction sites, shipyard and all kind of contractors.  In good consultation between AmaWaterways, the shipyard and its (sub)contractors the delivery of both vessels ordered for 2020 could have been postponed.

The delivery of the AmaSiena took place in December 2020 after the first and succesful trials - the AmaLucia followed her sister on March, 29.  Whilst the outfitting of the AmaSiena is completed, the AmaLucia will be delivered to AmaWaterways by the end of April, 2021. Actually it is unforseen when the first cruises and Christening of both vessels will take place.

Both sisterships are improved executons of the so-known Certo-class vessels which was introduced in 2012.  Special attention has been taken to sound insulation and improvements, a redesigned airconditioning and airtreatment system and many - many other small improvements.  As a result they differ slightly at the outside and outline from their predecessors.  However, the interior lay-out and its design is completely in line witrh the design of all previous ships in this series.  Again; elegance does not stop at the doorstep.