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Mooring ropes

m.v. Amabella

3D Presentations


Terrace Amaverde

Amaverde Amacello Amalegro


m.v. "Amaprima"

Finishing touch...

Erlebnis Restaurant - "Amaprima"

Lobby with elevator - "Amaprima"

Main reception - "Amaprima"

Main restaurant - "Amaprima"

Wheelhouse - "Amaprima"

Art & vases....

Main lounge - "Amaprima"

..complete deliveries....



Reliable partners


Most of the Group's individual companies focus on capital investments and participations in the leisure and shipping industry.

Kamphuisen Shipping (chartering) and Kamphuisen Projects (design & building) play a more active role and offer a wide range of services. The companies offers services in the shipping industry in general but are specialized in inland shipping; or to be even more specific: in river cruising.

As we operate in a very small team we are familiar with our clients and their needs.


With a wide portfolio of already constructed and delivered vessels, Kamphuisen Projects is one of the most innovating companies in the design of river cruise ships. From classic vessels with the Art Deco design of the early twenties up to the most modern and innovating river cruisers. We are able to translate your ideas into a perfect sailing hotel.

We deliver your vessel ready to sail!

Starting at the drawing board, we offer a wide range of services in construction, design and project management. Beginning with a general design of your own vessel, a complete interior design - including the selection of furniture and fabrics - or every combination of it, we also offer the technical overview and / or supervision during the construction of your vessel at any shipyard. We can also deliver your own vessel as a turn-key project, and ready to sail.

Since 2005 we delivered over 20 ships to different clients, such as AMA Waterways (Basel) and Scenic River Cruises (Baar), and co-operated with the best shipyards and suppliers in the Dutch industry.