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Breathtaking scenery

Budapest at night...

m.v. Filia-Rheni II

Excellent cuisine...

m.v. Filia-Rheni II & Regina-Rheni II

m.v. Filia-Rheni II

Surprising food....

m.v. Rex - Rheni

m.v. Regina-Rheni II

m.v. Regina-Rheni II

Culinary delights...

Budapest & Fleet at night



If you are interested to join or to operate just a single cruise, or if you plan to operate different cruises to a wide variety of destinations, we are more than happy to advise you, or to arrange your entire package or charter. With our knowledge and your vision, we can create exactly the package you are looking to sell.


As general agents we represent various ships and companies – ranging from 3-star vessels up to the exclusive 5-star rated vessels. Combine that with the fact that we co-operate closely with all well known shipping lines in Europe, and you can see that whatever your concept looks like, we can select the perfect match for your product.