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Projects - m.v. Amabella


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Frontview AMA vessels

The Company's profile

Most of the companies within the Kamphuisen Group focus on capital investments and participations in the leisure and shipping industry.

Among these, Kamphuisen Shipping and Kamphuisen Projects play a more active role and offer a wider range of services in the shipping industry in general.  Kamphuisen Shipping is a wellknown shipping agent and acts as an exclusive agent for several Dutch shipping lines (Agency & Cruises)  Within Kamphuisen Projects we take care of the design & project management - more popular: we built ships....(Design & Projects)


However, the company group is specialized in inland shipping; or to be even more specific: in river cruising.

As we operate in a very small team we are familiar with our clients and their needs.

Our history in a view

Coming from a house of bargemen, the Kamphuisen family started in the early 1950's - as one of the first to organise and offer river cruises. In the beginning of the 21th century, the company has grown to one of the leading and largest river cruise companies in Europe.

A few years ago we reviewed our ideas, opportunities and strengths. This led to a complete reorganisation of the company. At the same time we disposed of the operational side. Ever since, we only focus on advising and accompanying our partners to realise their projects and ideas.



About this website:

to avoid a large number of repeating pictures and items we tried to divide the different projects also into different themes.  You can see the spectacular launching of a ship, just details or view some of our work.